2023 Wedding Trends


The following ideas are the wedding trends we're seeing for 2023:

  • Lavender is in! Shades of lavender are popular for the flowers, dresses, backdrops, table decor and more.
  • Sustainable Weddings: Sustainable flowers and greenery from local growers were big in 2022 and continue to be popular! Utlilize vintage rings, dresses, furniture, table decor, etc. Help support your local economy! Find out more here. 
  • Terra cotta, copper, rust and burnt orange colors will be popular in 2023. See below.

  • Smaller, petite bouquets will be popular for 2023.
  • Mismatched, mixed prints or colorful bridesmaid dresses with mismatched bridesmaid bouquets are in! 
  • Bright colors, bold colored flowers with a bit of whimsy: Couples want to celebrate with vivid colors! Click on image below for ideas.

  • Weddings with live houseplants and lots of greenery will be in style for 2023. Bring the indoors, outdoors.
  • Night weddings: Memorable weddings filled with little fairy lights, candles or lanterns adding illumination for a romantic night. 
  • Hanging and Backdrop Florals: This trend is popular for 2023, fresh or dried. See below.

  • Intimate Weddings: The pandemic made wedding couples think about having smaller, more intimate weddings with fewer than 50 guests. 
  • Destination Weddings: Natural locations with scenic backdrops are in!
  • Garden weddings and large floral installations: Utilize fresh or dried flowers, green plants, large planters/containers/baskets filled with greenery and flowers with "pops" of color. See below.

  • Weekday Weddings: Still popular for 2023.
  • Dried Flowers continue to be somewhat popular for 2023 - they can be used in bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, centerpieces, reception decor, invitations, favors and even on the wedding cake! Flower and leaf colors tend to be more muted but intricate details and textures become more prevalent. Plus, dried flowers last for years and can be placed in a vase or container, keepsake frame or memory box. E's Florals stocks many types of dried flowers and grasses. Click on the images below for more information. Find our dried flowers/grasses here or contact us at 319-624-3121 for a custom quote.

  • It's all about the guests: For smaller weddings, couples are opting to plan events during the week of the wedding (brunches, bridal luncheons/parties, spa day, karoke and cocktails, outings, etc.) for more contact with the bridal party and guests. The wedding goes by so fast, it's sometimes difficult to interact with everyone. These additional events allow for a more intimate, meaningful and memorable wedding.
  • DIY Bridal Bouquets and DIY Flower Arranging Parties continue to be popular for 2023. Invite your friends and family to take part in your wedding! Save money on bulk flowers by creating your own flower bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages and floral decorations and have fun in the process! Click on image below for more information. Check out our DIY Flower and Greenery Buckets here! 

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